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About Us


We are an on-line diamond jewellery store operating from Melbourne selling certified diamonds, engagement rings, diamond earrings & pendants and everything else that has to do with diamonds and precious jewellery. We also have a physical presence in the heart of Melbourne CBD at 220 Collins street and welcome our customer to view our sample goods and our signature diamond inventory including Round Brilliant Super Ideal Cut Hearts & Arrows diamonds. All of our signature diamonds are either GIA or AGS certified. We also offer you more than 120,000 certified diamonds listed by our local and international participating vendors at deep discounted rates and take full responsibility of inspecting and evaluating them before shipping out to you so that you have your peace of mind and enjoy wearing your jewellery with comfort and confidence. 

Swanstar offers you a huge collection of jewellery designs to make your selection from, whether it is an engagement ring, a wedding ring, diamond earrings or a loose diamond tennis bracelet. We offer you engagement rings in a variety of styles whether it is a simple and classic Solitaire design, a pave set diamond engagement ring, a halo engagement ring or more intricate designs of vintage and Art-deco engagement rings. We have numerous options to offer to our customers and at great prices!

We believe in educating our customer, providing them ample information, giving them countless options and empowering them to make informed decisions, a decision that they will celebrate and cherish for their lives. We also understand that some customers may want to inspect the products with their own eyes and hands and thus offer a no-obligation viewing of our signature collection diamonds at our Melbourne CBD office at 306/220 Collins Street, 3000. Feel free to make an appointment by giving us a call or an email.

We are an Australian registered Business. Our ABN is 42816751823.

Our Products

We believe in dealing with only superior quality products and put a great emphasis on cut quality of diamonds because CUT is undoubtedly one of the most important factors in bringing beauty to the diamonds. CUT is the single most important factor that makes your diamond dazzle. This is why we have set a very high standard on what kind of diamonds we select and stock for our signature collection diamonds and what kind of diamonds is listed on our virtual inventory. 

Our signature collection diamonds especially Super Ideal Hearts & Arrows are one of the most beautiful diamonds crafted and comprise of the top 2% of all the gem quality diamonds polished and traded on the market. Hearts & Arrows in itself is a proof of superior cut quality because it takes considerable amount of time, efforts, and cost in terms of rough lost in crafting these diamonds. Proportions, angles, facet size, facet orientation and so much more that goes in to polishing these diamonds. This results in top of the line light performance in terms of brightness, fire, scintillation and also brings to life the subtle romantic phenomenon of hearts & arrows when viewed through a hearts & arrows scope. We have set high standards of what we consider hearts & arrows and provide you with hearts & arrows images of the diamond to back our claim unlike other retailers who just call their diamonds hearts & arrows without giving you any additional information on the diamond. A true hearts & arrows diamond will most likely be sold with the accompanying additional information that you would find on our website for each diamond. Our signature collection diamond also include Ideal cut Round diamonds, Expert Selected Princess Cut Diamonds with Ideal light performance proven through light performance images and Ideal Light performing Cushion Brilliant diamonds in various flavours which are very different from run of the mill Cushion cut diamonds that you find every where. 

We also understand that every customer and every person is different and may want to select diamonds based on other criteria and that's why we offer you a huge range of diamonds listed by participating vendors which we call the virtual inventory. We also have a very narrow criteria of what forms our virtual inventory and as a starter we ONLY list diamonds certified by either GIA or AGS and we list only Excellent cut diamonds and also no deeper than a certain total depth percentage. 

Our jewellery is of high and consistent quality. All of our jewellery is produced in either 18K Gold or Platinum (whatever requested by the customer) and is set with F-G color VS2-SI1 clarity melee diamonds. All of our jewellery is carefully hand-set and finished/polished with great care. We have a plethora of designs at offer for our customers and our prices are extremely competitive. And not just that we will also attempt to beat a competitor's price should you come across a price lower than ours with all the services and facilities that we provide. 

Returns, Guarantees, Warranties & Your Peace of mind

We take services provided to our customers very seriously and believe in not only providing a fine piece of jewellery and diamond but also peace of mind and confidence to our customers. And that's why we back all our signature collection diamonds and engagement rings with 30-days no questions asked return policy. For all other products we provide full money-back guarantee of quality and representation and 365 days warranty on the workmanship.