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Diamond Certificate

Another Important C: Certificate

Diamond certificate is another extremely important component of a diamond purchase. It is a representation and an opinion of an independent grading lab on a diamond's Four Cs, it's fluorescence, it's color origin, the diamond's origin whether it is natural or synthetic and whether or not it has treated to enhance it's clarity. It's one of the most important document of a diamond purchase that verifies a diamond's authenticity.  

Reputable Grading Labs: 

As you may have already heard or read on internet that GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is the biggest and the foremost authority in grading diamonds and world's largest number of diamonds are graded by the GIA. GIA is considered to be one of the most accurate and consistent grading labs in the world and is trusted by customers and vendors both equally. AGS (America Gem Society) is another extremely reputable grading lab that serves the niche of extremely well cut diamonds and it's grading is considered at par with GIA with added benefit of more accurate Cut grading. All of our signature collection diamonds are either GIA or AGS certified. 

Other reputable grading labs include IGI and HRD. While not as popular as GIA, both of these labs are also very consistent and accurate with their grading standards. HRD is based in Antwerp Germany and is part of IDC (International Diamond Council) and adheres to their standards of grading diamonds. Our virtual inventory diamonds are from GIA, AGS, HRD and IGI. 

EGL (European Gem Laboratory):

First and foremost. Swanstar does not sell or encourages it's buyer to purchase, an EGL certified diamond. EGL diamonds are most often overgraded by 2-3 grades in colour and 1-2 grades in clarity. For example a G VS1 EGL graded diamond would most often be graded  J SI1 by the GIA and the price difference between these two diamonds is HUGE. What is wrong with this? EGL grades diamonds on a GIA scale (as GIA has devised the D-Z color scale). While EGL is still accurate with it's colour origin and identification of treatments, their colour and clarity grading is not to GIA or AGS or any other reputable lab's standards.