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Our jewellery has diamonds with F-G average colour and VS2-SI1 average clarity. All our diamonds are natural, untreated. 

Our jewellery is 18K White, Yellow or Rose Gold OR Platinum.

We usually produce all our goods in 18K Gold or Platinum 900. If you wish production in another metal purity please send us an email.

Yes. We can provide customisation according to your requirements in our products and we can also make a custom piece for you from scratch. 

You can get your ring size measured at a jewellers local to you or you can request us to send you a ring sizer.

Yes. Please send us an email with your engraving request quoting your order.

All the goods we sell are covered by our satisfaction money-back guarantee and 365 days manufacturing warranty. However change of mind returns don't apply.

A certified diamond is a diamond that has been inspected and graded on it's 4Cs by an independent laboratory. All of our diamonds above 0.30ct are certified by reputable independent certification laboratories. 

The Four Cs are Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut. Carat is the weight of the diamond, Color is the diamond's relative saturation on the Color scale, Clarity refers to impurities contained within the diamond and on it's surface and Cut refers to how well a diamond has been polished to bring out it's beauty. 4Cs are the basic factors that influence the price of a diamond. Please visit our Education section to learn more about the 4Cs. 

Hearts & Arrows is a phenomenon which refers to the appearance of Arrows in a diamond's crown (or face-up) view, and hearts in the diamond's pavilion view when viewed through a Hearts & Arrows scope. Hearts & Arrow also refers to the level of optical and physical symmetry in a diamond. This symmetry is achieved by cutting the diamond according to very strict and exacting standards as swaying from these standards will not result in a perfect Hearts & Arrows Diamond. This perfection results in a diamond that is more beautiful and sparkly. This also results in a lot of more rough diamond wasted in the polishing process and thus comes at a premium. Hearts & Arrows diamonds are cut to most Ideal proportions and are known in the industry as Super Ideal Hearts & Arrows Diamonds. Our Signature Round Premium Ideal Hearts & Arrows series diamonds are what is known as Super Ideal Hearts & Arrows. 

An Ideal cut diamond while cut to very strict standards to reflect most light, these are second to Super Ideal Hearts & Arrows, and do not have that romantic Hearts & Arrows phenomenon. They are less symmetrical optically compared to a Hearts & Arrows but will still be a great performer compared to common cut diamonds available at every other jewellery store.  

Our Premium Princess range are hand selected Princess cut diamonds to reflect most light and these are much more brilliant and sparkly compared to other Princess cut diamonds available in the market. Our signature collection Princess range is listed on our website along with reflector image known as ASET (Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tool) scope image to help you gauge the performance of our diamonds.

An ASET scope is a device used to gauge the light return of a diamond. The blue is the head obstruction (the light that is obstructed because of the viewer), the red is strong light return, green is a weaker light return, white or black is light leakage. A customer should look to get a diamond that has most amount of red, lower amounts of green and minimal amounts of white and black. 

All certified diamonds sold by Swanstar have laser inscription on their girdle and can be easily verified using a jeweller's loupe. We also encourage our customers to get all diamond products verified by an independent appraiser. 

All of our diamonds are sourced from conflict-free locations around the world and supplied by reputable vendors in the industry many of which are sight-holders of DTC, Alrosa, BHP etc. Most common locations of diamond vendors are Hong Kong, India, USA, Israel. 

All of our jewellery is produced for us by well-supplied manufacturers located in Hong Kong. They produce jewellery for us according to our highest Australian standards and specifications and it's backed by our money back satisfaction guarantee. All jewellery is hand-set and hand finished. Moreover all centre stones are set here in Melbourne and all jewellery and Diamonds are carefully inspected before delivering to you. 

Our Signature collection inventory is a live update and our Virtual Selection inventory is updated once every 24 hours. 

If the ring ordered was shipped in a wrong size as a result of our mistake we will resize it for free. Otherwise a small fee applies. 

All of our in-stock rings are in average ring size N.

Virtual inventory are diamonds from our participating vendors who list their inventory with us. Because we don't hold this stock in our inventory these cost us less than our in-stock inventory and we happily pass on the savings to you. They are fully inspected by us on arrival and before shipping out to you. All these stones have their girdle inscripted with the report number and we guarantee the stone is same as described by the corresponding report/certificate by the laboratory. Change of mind returns do not apply. However we may offer returns on case-by-case basis after applying a re-stocking fee (at around 20%) in addition to shipping, insurance. 

Because the diamond trade is done all in the US dollars the prices may differ from day-to-day because of the exchange rates. We periodically update the exchange rates on our website to reflect the most current rate.

Because we believe in cut performance we only list Excellent cut diamonds certified by the GIA or AGS so that you don't end up with a low performing diamond when selected from our virtual inventory. 


Yes. We have a physical location and welcome our customers to view our Signature Collection Diamonds and our stock-in-hand jewellery pieces. We are located in the heart of Melbourne CBD at 220 Collins Street, Suite 306, Level 3. 

We will be more than glad to do that. Get in touch with us by email or through phone and we will help you select the best diamond in your budget or offer an opinion on one of the diamonds you have selected

Our warranty covers manufacturing faults. And we will be happy to repair or replace a piece that has manufacturing faults. However this warranty does not cover accidental or intentional damage. All of our products are inspected thoroughly prior to delivery for any manufacturing faults.

In any case the loss of centre diamond is not covered in warranty and any side diamond above a cumulative total of 7 points is not covered under warranty.

We always encourage our customers to have the jewellery covered in an insurance policy against damage or loss. Warranty is not a replacement of insurance.

Please click here to read our return policy. 

We accept VISA, MasterCard, PayPal and Bank Wire. 

Yes. You will get 1.5% discount if you pay us by a Bank transfer.

We offer a life-time upgrade policy on our signature collection diamonds. The new diamond should at least be double the price of the original diamond. 

Yes we have a one year buy-back policy on all our signature collection diamonds. We will accept return of the diamond and give you 70% of the original price of the diamond minus any shipping and insurance cost. 

Yes we will match price of a similar quality diamond and beat it by at least a 50 dollars. Special offers don't qualify. Conditions Apply. 

Yes. We have established contacts with many diamond suppliers around the world. Let us know what you are looking for and we will source it for you! Easy. 

If you make a purchase within 3 months of your last purchase we will give you a 10% discount on all jewellery items and 1% discount on all diamonds. The offer is not valid on products already on Specials or Sale. The offer is not valid during general Sale period. We may consider a waiver of one or both of these policies on a case-by-case basis and only on request. Please get in touch. 

Shipping & Delivery

All products purchased at Swanstar are delivered free of cost within Australia. 

All goods that are in-stock and ready-to-ship are shipped within 1-2 business days. Rings in stock that need resizing only will ship within 3-5 business days (if chosen with our in-stock diamond, otherwise 7-10 business days). If the ring you've chosen needs to be custom-made or is not in our stock it may take 15-21 business days. 

Yes. All of our goods are shipped through Australian Platinum Post with signature and are insured. 

Please contact us about how to prepare a return shipping. The customer needs to send the return item insured for full value with a signature delivery. Do not mention jewellery or diamonds anywhere on the package. 

All of your goods are shipped through Australia Platinum Post and are insured for the full value. Furthermore all of our parcels sent and received are packed and opened under camera surveillance.