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Rounds Premium Cut Hearts & Arrows

Hearts & Arrows is a phenomenon which refers to the appearance of Arrows in a diamond's crown (or face-up) view, and hearts in the diamond's pavilion view when viewed through a Hearts & Arrows scope. Hearts & Arrow also refers to the level of optical and physical symmetry in a diamond. This symmetry is achieved by cutting the diamond according to very strict and exacting standards as swaying from these standards will not result in a perfect Hearts & Arrows Diamond. This perfection results in a diamond that is more beautiful and sparkly. This also results in a lot of more rough diamond wasted in the polishing process and thus comes at a premium. Our Hearts & Arrows diamonds are cut to most Ideal proportions and are known in the industry as Super Ideal Hearts & Arrows Diamonds. Our Signature Round Premium Ideal Hearts & Arrows series diamonds are what is known as Super Ideal Hearts & Arrows.